Inaccurate reporting on Council refusal of a new takeaway

Stories run by the Herald, SW News and the Daily Mail about the refusal of a planning application for a new takeaway are inaccurate.

This is the Council’s statement:

“The stories in the Plymouth Herald and Daily Mail are inaccurate as the application for a new hot food takeaway in Victoria Road in St Budeaux was refused due to inadequate provision of parking and not the reason stated.

“However, the Council’s Public Protection Service’s submission as part of the consultation on the application did refer to policy 13 of the draft Plymouth Plan, which will be the new strategic plan for the city.

“The proposed policy aims to help improve health by allowing the Council to use its Planning powers to refuse new hot food take aways in areas within a 400m radius of schools and ensure that where a new hot food takeaway is to be located within a shopping centre it must not result in:

  1. More than five per cent of the units within the centre being hot food takeaways.
  2. More than two A5 units being located adjacent to each other.
  3. Fewer than two non-A5 units between individual or groups of hot food takeaways

“Other councils around the country have already adopted similar policies.

“However it must be made clear that the policy has not yet been adopted by the Council and the consultation process has resulted in a number of representations about it. Planners have not used this as a reason for refusal in this instance.

“The emerging Plymouth Plan looks to set the shared direction for the city until 2031. It will be the city’s strategic development plan and address the city’s economy, transport and housing needs; improving the lives of children and young people and creating a healthy city. Plymouth as a healthy city is one of the three main themes of the draft plan.

“There has been extensive consultation on the first part of the Plymouth Plan and the document is due to be considered by the Cabinet and full Council in the summer.”