Historic Devon hedge gets a facelift

An historic Devon hedge from the old Ham estate is being restored to its former glory by Plymouth City Council.

Local ward councillors asked for improvements to the stone bank in Buckfast Close after residents complained it had become overgrown and was making the road dark and unsafe.

Teams have removed self-seeded trees from the bank to allow the established trees to fare better and taken the vegetation back to the wall to create more space on the road and footway.

They also removed half a tonne of detritus that had built up over time at the base of the bank from leaves and other vegetation, which will allow for the pavement to be widened.

Further improvements include stripping back the ivy to show off the old Devon hedge slates and plant bulbs along the top to create a floral display in the spring.

An area is also going to be created nearby for additional parking spaces.

Council Leader and local ward councillor Tudor Evans said: “By making these improvements we’re not just making the area lighter and more accessible for residents, we’re also restoring one of the historic features of the old Ham estate. Devon hedges are rich in wildlife and these works will help to preserve this natural habitat.”