Help Plymouth tackle plastics at Ocean City Sounds

Music fans will be able to support Plymouth’s Plan for Plastics as well as their favourite acts this summer by taking their own reusable plastic cups and bottles to MTV Presents: Ocean City Sounds.

The rules around taking liquids into the arena remain the same – water will only be allowed through the gates if it is in a sealed bottle (no bigger than 500ml).

However, event-goers can take an empty reusable cup or bottle and fill it up at the free at the drinking water points on site – or top up their water bottle if they start to run low.

MTV Presents: Ocean City Sounds reusable cups will also be on sale at the event and people can use these at the event bars to help reduce the number of disposable glasses used. All bottles sold at the bars are made of recyclable plastic and collected at the end of the night.

Deputy Council Leader Pete Smith said: “We’re committed to reducing the use of single-use plastics in Plymouth and encouraging people to ‘do their bit’ for the environment – and that includes at MTV Presents: Ocean City Sounds.

“For obvious safety reasons we can’t allow glass or metal but by giving people the option of bringing their own reusable bottles and topping them up we can hopefully lower the number of plastic bottles and disposable glasses discarded each night.

“We’ve also stopped using plastic straws and stirrers and we will continue to explore options for further minimising single-use plastics at our events.”

MTV Presents: Ocean City Sounds reusable cups are available in two styles, each costing £2.50. You can pre-order them here.