Grants to help make life that little bit easier

Imagine not being able to get in and out of the bath, and having to wash at the kitchen sink because you can’t get upstairs.

That’s life for some of our residents – but we are trying to help them make it easier to carry out essential day to day living tasks that we all take for granted.

We’ve just signed a delegated decision giving the go-ahead to spend £2.3 million on adaptations for people with disabilities.

Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care Councillor Ian Tuffin said: “These grants can transform people’s lives. For a relatively small amount of time and effort, adaptations means people will be able to do things like washing, cooking and getting upstairs.

“This helps people live in their own homes for as long as possible – that’s good for their health, good for people’s sense of self and dignity.”

The grant will help around 250 people live a more independent and dignified life in their own homes. It also helps reduce the need for residential care costs and the amount of time people spend in hospital.

The decision has been signed off by the Council Leader Tudor Evans.