Government Spending Review enrages Council leader

Leader of Plymouth City Council, Councillor Tudor Evans

Plymouth City Council leader Tudor Evans OBE has today poured scorn on Sajid Javid’s spending review which he described as a ham-fisted and ill-conceived pre-election bribe.

The Chancellor announced yesterday that an extra £1.5 billion will be invested into Councils for social care but Councillor Evans points out, that is not the whole story.

He said: “I am incandescent that yet again, the most vulnerable people in our communities are being short changed in their time of need.

“The story the chancellor is selling is that he is giving us enough money to meet Plymouth’s social care needs. This isn’t true. It’s a sham.

“Yes, we’ll get a share of the £1 billion, but that doesn’t touch the sides here in Plymouth. It barely covers the increase in cost, never mind the rise in demand for care. In relative terms, it’s pennies.

“But the other £500 million – guess who the government want to pay for that? That’s right, it’s Council Tax payers. The government want us to tax you. It’s farcical.

“Mr Javid’s gift to the people of Plymouth is to tell us that if we want to protect our vulnerable adults and children and if we want to spend a little more on care, we have to raise council tax by 4%.

“He is not giving us enough money to even keep up with the rising demands of care in this city and much of what he is offering comes from an enforced council tax rise.

“It’s a present that we’ll have to pay for. Mr Javid is not telling the truth when he says this is an end of austerity. It’s not. At best it’s ham-fisted and ill-conceived pre-election bribe.

“At worst, it’s a lie wrapped up in government spin.”