Garden and allotments for Stonehouse Creek bank

Stonehouse could be getting its first allotment site, thanks to a transfer of Council-owned land to the community.

A patch of unused land on the side of Stonehouse Creek could be turned into a community garden, with allotments, possibly a small orchard with wild flowers and a herb garden.

The area of land lies just beneath the site of the former naval hospital at Millfields and is being put forward as a community asset transfer.

A delegated decision is being signed to authorise transferring the land on a 125 year lease to the Millfields Community Economic Development Trust.

Council leader Ian Bowyer said: “Transferring this land opens up all kinds of lovely opportunities for the people who live here.

“The trust has some great ideas to get this place buzzing – planting wildflowers, creating a place for people to use and enjoy.

“Transferring the land over to the trust means they can start looking at grant funding and sponsorship opportunities to kick start the project.”

Fr Sam Philpott, Chair of the Trust said: “This may be a small plot of land but we have big ideas for it. We’re really excited about what this area could do for the people living – and working in this area, including our children and young people.

“We want to create somewhere for people to grow food, but to work alongside each other, meet new people and get out in the fresh air. We also hope that they will learn the health value of preparing and cooking fresh food.”

The decision is being signed off under delegated authority and is subject to call in