Further update on postal votes 8 June

The City Council has been doing all it can to make sure that people affected by a problem with postal vote packs have been able to vote.

We became aware of a potential problem over the weekend with people telling us they had not yet received their postal vote packs.

We were initially unsure about why this had happened and were concerned it was an issue with the post.

Our investigation showed that it was a database issue on our computer system.

We identified that 1,510 people who applied for a postal vote had not been sent one. They were not ‘lost’ as they had not been sent.

After we issued packs to people who contacted us we identified 1,117 postal vote packs that had not been delivered.

Of these, 982 were in the Plymouth area, 77 were overseas and 58 in other parts of the country.

Of the 1,117, 420 were in the Plymouth Sutton and Devonport constituency, 374 for Plymouth Moor View and 323 in South West Devon.

We made special deliveries to the 982 people in Plymouth who had not been sent packs.

We also made special deliveries to the people in other parts of the country and all were confirmed as delivered.

We were unable to deliver to the 77 who were overseas.

We are apologising to everyone who was affected by this problem.

There will a full independent investigation into how this happened.