Fridges and furniture cleared as part of Stonehouse sweep

Stonehouse Clean V2Four fridges, a battered three-piece suite, smashed up bedside cabinets – someone in Stonehouse thinks unwanted furniture magically walks to the tip.

Our teams have been taking part in a campaign to tidy up Stonehouse, clearing the area of clutter and rubbish so that people will be encouraged to keep it smart afterwards.

Initial rounds have seen a lot of abandoned furniture picked up and the teams have removed overflowing contaminated recycling bins that have been left for months in Francis Street. Other rather unpleasant tasks have involved clearing a lane that was strewn with used nappies as well as rotting food.Wyndam Street East Nov

But just when the team began to feel that their efforts were making a difference, some thoughtless so-and-so dumped a huge amount of rubbish next to a bin in Patna Place Park.


Area liaison officer Caroline Fiske said: “I’m pretty dismayed, but it shows what our teams – and the neighbourhood – has to put up with.

“We put time effort and resources into cleaning up the neighbourhood and it was looking better, but then today we find out someone has dumped a huge pile of rubbish in a playground. How someone thinks that is ok is beyond me.”

patnaCouncillor Brian Vincent, Cabinet member for Street Scene said: “This shows what we are up against and it sometimes feels pretty thankless. People need to act more responsibly.

“One thing that has become very apparent is the amount of old furniture just dumped. We have a bulky waste collection. Don’t just make your unwanted stuff someone else’s problem. That is just not fair on the people living around you.”

The team will be at Cathedral School of St Mary in Stonehouse this week to talk to the children about not dropping litter. They are also arranging street furniture to be painted very shortly with help from the Shekinah Mission and the Probation Service.

To book a bulky waste collection ring 01752 304750 or email