Free parking for Mutley Plain – what do you think?

Changes are afoot for two key car parks in Mutley as part of a concerted push to support businesses on Mutley Plain.

Free parking for two hours is on the cards for Ermington Terrace/Napier Terrace multi storey to match the free parking now available at the Barracks car park.

A consultation starts today (Thursday 17 October) asking for people’s thoughts on the proposals, which if given the go-ahead, could be implemented by Christmas.

As well as up to two hours free at both car parks, other tariffs have been simplified and made consistent across both car parks. The proposal looks at a new all-day £5 charge at the Barracks car park to match the current £5 day charge at the multi-storey. Other significant changes include:

  • Napier Street car park charges to apply seven days a week
  • Both car parks charges to be extended from 6pm to 8pm

Councillor Mark Lowry, Cabinet Member for Finance said: “We promised to help businesses in our local shopping centres and have looked at lots of ideas from place to policy to parking. We are making proactive changes to help Mutley Plain’s prospects. We’ve listened to the traders who wanted us to get rid of the old toilet block – that’s now gone.

“Next on the list is encouraging people to stay longer and spend more money. The two hours free parking aims to support businesses who rely on passing trade and short stay high turnover. We think we’ve got the right balance but want to double check through this consultation.”

The multi-storey car park has had a makeover to encourage more users. Business permit parking is on offer, there are more security patrols and poster sites installed for local businesses to advertise themselves.

The Council is working with traders and ward councillors to look at other measures designed to make Mutley more attractive to shoppers, businesses and visitors.Ideas include encouraging a greater mix of units including shops, offices, leisure, dentists, working to improve quality of private sector homes, more pop up shops as well as encourage a café culture to thrive on the Plain with more chairs and tables allowed on the pavements.

Comments can be sent to or in writing to the Assistant Director (Street Services), Ballard House, West Hoe Road, Plymouth PL1 3BJ.