Folk asked to keep up good Stonehouse keeping!

Families in Stonehouse are being asked to help keep the area special.

The area is to be the focus of a month-long campaign by the Council to sort out the niggling problems that let the neighbourhood down and encourage people to take more pride in where they live.

Around 600 homes around Wyndham Square and the eastern end of Stonehouse are being sent letters this week to let them know what’s being planned, together with advice about when to put bins out and what to recycle. They are also being encouraged to report any issues so that they can be addressed.

The Council has drawn up a hit list of problems they will tackling. It includes:
• removing fly tipping from Council-owned land
• investigating abandoned vehicles
• removing the bottle bank at Patna Park so less rubbish is dumped next to it
• painting street furniture, such as the ornamental lights, bollards and seats to make them look smart – this will be carried out by the Shekinah Mission and the Probation Service
• Tidying up back streets by removing unused wheelie bins which have been clearly abandoned
• Cleaning graffiti from Council owned land

A team from the Council will also be knocking on doors to talk to residents about how and what to recycle as well as try to get them more involved in their area and encourage them to report fly tipping. Other events being planned include a litter pick involving children from Cathedral School.

Cabinet Member for Street Scene, Councillor Brian Vincent said: “Stonehouse is right in the heart of the city and is a special place – but it is let down by litter, fly tipping and some people just not caring enough about where they live.
“We want to change this. We need residents to take more responsibility for what is happening around them. Get involved! Don’t assume someone else will always be there to pick up. We will start off by sprucing the area but hope people will keep up the good work!”

If members of the public see people dumping rubbish, report to it to the Council straight away on 668000 with as much information as possible. This is a pilot scheme and if successful, this approach will be used in other areas.