Even more charging points for Plymouth

Plymouth City Council is stepping up the fight against climate change with a further 54 new electric vehicle charging points across the city.

The Council will be installing the points in nine separate hubs across residential areas with on street parking.

The chargers will be ‘pop-up’ models that retract fully underground to avoid street clutter and obstructions when not in use, developed by Urban Electric.

It follows on from last month’s announcement that the Council will be helping businesses with fleets to transition from gas-guzzling, fossil-fuelled motors to eco-friendly electric models.

The promotion of electric vehicles is part of the Council’s ongoing commitment to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Councillor Tudor Evans OBE, Leader of Plymouth City Council, said: “I’m hugely excited to be delivering more charging points in Plymouth. We promised we would help with the electric vehicle revolution and seeing them become more and more accessible is fantastic.

“Our environment needs to be protected for further generations to enjoy – I want to be able to look by grandchildren in the eye. Lowering our emissions and eventually becoming carbon neutral is key in securing that.”

Councillor Sue Dann, Cabinet for the Environment and Street Scene added: “We are taking this climate emergency seriously and this is just one of many innovative things we’ve got up our sleeves for the coming months.

“Doing nothing is not an option anymore and we can’t have electric vehicles without charging points. I’m confident that these accessible points will help many people make the change to electric cars.”

The charging points are part of a partnership with smart city consultancy Urban Foresight who were awarded £3 million from the Government’s Innovate UK scheme for tests into a low-cost charging solutions for electric vehicle users without off street parking.

Other partners include Dundee City Council, Duku and Co-wheels Car Club.

If you think you area would benefit from pop-up charging points, let us know by emailing dan.turner@plymouth.gov.uk