Draft Plan for Plastics launched

A bold bid to phase out single use plastics in Plymouth has been agreed at Cabinet on 13 March.

The report being considered would see an Ocean City Plastics Task Force set up to co-ordinate a citywide effort to rid the city of the majority of single use plastics.

A draft Plan for Plastics is outlined alongside the report which identifies just how the Council and its partners across the city could achieve this by avoiding single use plastics by providing alternatives, increasing plastics recycling and opportunities for plastic re-use, leading research into plastic alternatives as well as developing methods of removing plastics from the oceans and reclaiming plastic free oceans through citizen activism and education.

Council Leader, Ian Bowyer, said: “We are determined that Plymouth as Britain’s Ocean City should lead the way in tackling the scourge of single use plastics and the impact they have on our oceans. We are uniquely placed with our existing expertise in marine technologies, outstanding research facilities and strong city brand to show how a step change can be achieved. The draft Plan for Plastics and setting up the taskforce are the first steps on that journey.

The next steps will be to bring leading organisations in the city together in the Ocean City Plastics Taskforce to review the draft Plan for Plastics. The taskforce will then start working up a more detailed action plan which will identify how a significant reduction in plastic use can be achieved by 2020 to link to Mayflower 2020 and how the longer term ambition of a plastic free city could be realised.

The City Council is also making sure it has its own house in order by reviewing its whole approach to single use plastics including usage, purchasing, reuse and recycling.