Digital Declaration promises better Council Services

Plymouth City Council has joined a number of other local authorities and public sector organisations who have pledged to work together to improve digital services for their residents.

The Council has officially signed the Digital Declaration, which was initiated by the UK Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government’s (MHCLG) and publicly commits to embracing and developing digital ways of working, business engagement and skills development.

MHCLG has set up a £7.5 million fund for local authorities to develop digital ways of working and organisations signing up to it will agree to collaborate on digital projects sharing skills and knowledge.

Council Leader Tudor Evans said: “This is a really important step forward for Plymouth. By signing this declaration we are promising to use new resources, along with the knowledge we can gain from sharing information with other local authorities, to transform our services for the benefit of our residents. As signatories of the Local Digital Declaration we will also be able to apply for additional funding to improve our current digital services in the future.”

Since signing the declaration the Council has already been awarded £100,000 from the Local Digital Fund to develop a digital tool that will enable collective local plan monitoring for the three Joint Local Plan authorities of Plymouth City, South Hams and West Devon Borough Councils by gathering greater insights from development data to unlock efficiency improvements in the planning service.

The declaration was signed last week by Andy Ralphs the Council’s Strategic Director of Customer and Corporate Services and promises to work towards a number of shared objectives, including designing services that best meet the needs of residents, challenging the technology market to offer flexible tools and services, protecting residents’ privacy and security and delivering better value for money.

Find out more about the Local Digital Declaration here.