Derriford Transport Scheme update

Carriageway works for the Derriford Transport Scheme are substantially complete and traffic restrictions were lifted overnight on Thursday 29 March as planned.

As explained previously, there is still some footway surfacing to be carried out but this will only require short sections of the bus lane to be closed outside peak hours.

Crews also need to lay the final course of surfacing on the northbound side between Budshead Road and Sendalls Way, as this couldn’t take place during last week’s rain. When this is done it will be overnight to minimise disruption to traffic.

We will also be continuing to monitoring the scheme’s operation and dealing with any ‘snagging’ issues that arise.

Completion of the contract will be in May.

As we said before, the signal and crossing upgrade at Sendalls Way has been re-programmed for the summer, when the network is less busy. Proposed safety improvements at Charlton Road are also expected to get under way during the summer.