Derriford roadworks restrictions temporarily lifted for Christmas

We’re temporarily lifting some of the roadworks restrictions in Derriford to help keep traffic moving during the busy Christmas period.

The contraflow between Derriford Roundabout and Honeyford Close will be removed overnight tonight as the newly rebuilt northbound lane re-opens to traffic.

The two southbound lanes will also be re-opened from Plymbridge Lane to the roundabout, as will the second lane exiting Looseleigh Lane.

The southbound side of Tavistock Road will need to revert to a single lane from early January, opening out into two lanes at the roundabout. The northbound lane will remain open to traffic.

Councillor Patrick Nicholson, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategic Transport, Planning and Housing, said: “We’re listening to the concerns of people travelling along this route and we’ve been adjusting arrangements wherever we can to reduce the impact of these vital works.

“We’re lifting as many traffic restrictions around the Derriford Transport Scheme construction works as possible in the lead-up to Christmas and over the holiday.”

The Derriford Transport Scheme will deliver additional traffic lanes, bus priority measures to improve service reliability and journey times, more modern and efficient signals and better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, including new crossings.

The Heart-of-the-South-West Local Enterprise Partnership is contributing £10.16 million towards the £13 million scheme, which is vital to delivering homes and jobs in the north of the city.

Night working is taking place every night (weather permitting) and the scheme is on track for completion in the Spring.

Further information, including fortnightly updates on the works, can be found on our Derriford Transport Scheme page.