Day two of new bin rounds

We took more calls than usual in our contact centre but many callers were concerned that their bins had not been collected at their usual time.

We have reminded them that the time of the rounds will have changed as the trucks are on different routes.

Over 75 per cent of homes will have new bin days, so there will be a period of time where the public – and the crews – adjust to the new arrangements.

We have reminded crews that there may be one or two Christmas trees that are now waiting with their rubbish to be collected.

Other queries we have had generally involve people questioning why they had a card or a sticker if their days are the same – we have used the opportunity of the new rounds to remind all households about what we can and can’t recycle as well as the fact we will not take rubbish left by the side of bins. It has after all been seven years since we did this on such a scale and many people may not be fully aware of what they have to do.

The new rounds today largely covered Plympton and towards the east of the city and while we have been made aware of a small number of issues with one or two roads not getting the right information, our supervisors have been double checking areas.

We are asking people to double check their bin days – and if their recycling is due to be picked up by going to the website

We will have a mop up crew on standby to pick up any missed bins in the morning – we will also keep a record of any issues, so that they be resolved.

If people get home and their bins have not been collected on the new bin day that we have told them, either in the card or on the sticker (and they can double check their collection at, they can email or call the contact centre 01752 668000 when it opens in the morning at 8.30am.