Countdown for new bin days underway

The countdown is on for the new bin collection days which will start on 19 January.

Thousands of Christmas cards were delivered just before the festive season got underway to let people know what days their bins will be collected as part of a major reorganisation of the city’s rubbish and recycling rounds.

Stickers are being put on bins across the city as another way of getting the message across about what the days the bins should go out.

Now, anyone who is still unsure of what their new bin day is can check online as the database with the new rounds information is live on the Council website.

Councillor Brian Vincent, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “We hope that everyone got the information they need. We wanted to use the new rounds as an opportunity to remind people what the guidelines are about rubbishing and recycling.

“The majority of people put their bins out in the right place, at the right time and on the right day.

“If for some reason, they have not a card or a sticker, all they need to do is type in their address online at to find out what their collection day will be from January 19.”

The new bin days are designed to also take into account the new waste disposal plant which is due to come online early 2015, which will take the city’s rubbish that can’t be recycled.

The rerouting of rounds is also part of a review of Council services to see if savings can be made by cutting down on journey times, fuel costs and reduce the risk of missed collections.

The guidelines also asks people not to put rubbish at the side of the bins and to make sure the lid is closed as well as reminding people what the Council can take in its recycling bins or bags.

Other changes that have been made to the city’s rubbish and recycling collections includes introducing a ‘doorstep’ glass recycling collection – allowing people to put glass in with their recycling – for every home to increase recycling and make it easier for residents.

Last week thousands of Christmas trees were picked up as part of a pilot collection. It is estimated in four days over 10 tonnes of real trees were collected, savings people thousands of journeys to the recycling centres.

A delivery charge to replace lost or damaged bins was also brought last year to encourage people to look after their bins or bags more. Replacement bins are still free for people prepared to collect them from Prince Rock depot, our libraries and the new 1st Stop in the City Centre.

The changes to the city’s waste service will lead to savings of £1.3 million over the next three years, but more importantly will lead to a better service for residents, cleaner streets as a result of clearer rules about the rubbish collections

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