Council will now take tough action on shabby Union Street sites

The former C103 building before the works

The owners of five run-down buildings in Union Street who failed to comply with untidy land notices could now face legal action.

The Council issued eight improvement notices last November as part of an initiative to make the owners carry out immediate urgent repairs.

Since the notices were issued three owners have complied and carried out the required improvements, some progress has been made on two of the other buildings, and three remain untouched, which means the Council will now be taking further action.

The eight buildings that were targeted are:

  • Club C103 – Works completed.
  • Dragon Inn, 93 Union Street – Works completed.
  • D+C Furniture, 97 Union Street – Work completed
  • The Palace Theatre and Great Western Hotel – Some works carried out.
  • The Phoenix Tavern – Some work carried out.
  • 148 Union Street – No work carried out.
  • Former British Legion Club – No work carried out.
  • Hot Diggety Dog/Choo Choos – No work carried out.

This followed on from previous similar action in February 2015, when improvement works were carried out to several Union Street buildings. Some of the buildings previously improved have again sadly deteriorated to an unacceptable condition, mainly as a consequence of inadequate maintenance.

The owners of the five buildings that have failed to comply with the notices in full now face further legal action designed to secure belated compliance.

How C103 looks now

Councillor Mark Lowry, the Cabinet Member responsible for Finance said: “The vast majority of property owners are responsible and regularly maintain their buildings to keep them in good order. Unfortunately, there are a few who seem reluctant to do anything allowing these buildings to deteriorate and become real eyesores in the local community.

“This is completely unacceptable at any time, and especially now as we prepare for the Mayflower 400 celebrations. This is why we are determined to take tough action and get these sites sorted out. More actions of this sort will follow as we continue to target the owners of neglected land and properties.”