Council serves new notice on ‘Millionaire Slum’ 18 Grand Parade

 Plymouth City Council has served a new court summons on the owners of an eyesore property that has become known locally as the ‘Millionaire Slum’.

Representatives from the Council’s legal and planning teams served the new notice at 18 Grand Parade on Friday 24 July.

The summons is in relation to an Untidy Land notice dating back as far as 2008, which the owners have consistently failed to comply with. They were asked to appear at Plymouth magistrates on 17 July but failed to turn up again.

Councillor Chris Penberthy, Cabinet Member for Cooperatives and Housing for Plymouth City Council said: “We are determined to get the owners of the Millionaire Slum to take responsibility for sorting it out. It is an eyesore and it is unsafe.

“We are doing this in response to concerns raised by a number of local residents. We served the notice to the owners to give them the option to make the necessary repairs to ensure the building is safe.

“The Council has started works to rectify the safety issues surrounding the property because the owners failed to respond. We initially erected scaffolding so we could inspect the building and we carried out work to make it safe including boarding up windows.

“These are, however, temporary measures and we are still insisting that the owners carry out full repairs to the broken and defective windows at the earliest opportunity in relation to the Untidy Land Notice previously issued. We are again reminding the owners that they are still required to complete the external repairs specified in the notice.”
The owners have been asked to appear before Plymouth magistrates on 3 August.