Council pledges to increase living wage for lowest paid workers

Plymouth City Council is to increase the amount it pays its lowest paid workers as part of its commitment to paying a Living Wage.

The Council introduced the principle of paying the Foundation Living Wage to address low pay in 2014 by adding a non-contractual market supplement that ensured the lowest paid received £8.25 an hour. The current national living wage is £7.20 an hour.

Council Leader Ian Bowyer says the Council will now be looking to increase the top up to ensure it pays a minimum of £8.45 an hour from 1 April 2017.

This would help to maintain the reduced ratio between the lowest paid and highest paid employees in the Council. This was 1:14 in 2012 and would be 1:9.4 from 1 April 2017.

The decision, which is due to go before full Council in January, will cost the Council around £43,000.

Councillor Bowyer said: “We are proud to have been one of the first local authorities to adopt the principles of the Foundation Living Wage. While we face very significant financial challenges as an authority we do need to support those employees who are struggling to cover the cost of living with their wages.”