Council leader Tudor Evans awarded an OBE in New Year’s Honours

Councillor Tudor Evans, leader of Plymouth City Council, has been awarded the OBE in the New Year’s Honours for political service and service to local government.

Councillor Evans said: “This is a big surprise but obviously I’m delighted. It is a great honour for me personally but I always say that I lead a team. What we have achieved in Plymouth is thanks to all my colleagues over the years, the council staff who do great work, my family who support me and not least the people of Plymouth who allow me to do this job!

“The reason I think it is great for Plymouth is that when you usually look at these lists they don’t often include many people from the city. I’m really pleased that the work that’s happening here in Plymouth is being recognised.

“It is proof that we are making ourselves heard in London now. When I go to London I’m always saying ‘don’t mess with Plymouth, we can do a job for the country if we can get our fare share’. I’m beginning to believe this happening and the work that the council is doing is being acknowledged. We are making a bit of a racket!

‘We have been in some pretty difficult places in the four decades during which I have been on the council but we are in a much better place now. Plymouth is definitely on the way up.”