Council leader says Queen’s Speech fails to address adult social care crisis

Responding to the Government announcements in the Queen’s Speech, Council leader Tudor Evans said: “Today we’ve seen another masterclass from this Government on bluster over substance. On the urgent matters facing cities such as Plymouth there’s nothing but vague promises and a worrying lack of detail or timescales; nothing to give us any confidence that the key issues facing Plymouth residents will be addressed.

“The crisis in adult social care has been growing steadily worse. Despite years of intense lobbying from the local government community for fundamental changes to address it, there’s only been promise after promise from the Government. But no action. All we got today is yet another promise. Just how many more thousands of vulnerable people need to suffer until the Government finally gets its act together?

“In the meantime it is once again planning to pass the buck to hard pressed council tax payers, saying it will consult on a 2 per cent precept on top of the council tax to help fund the increasing demand for social care. This continues to place the onus on local taxpayers to prop up a broken system rather than fixing the problem itself.

“I fully expected to be disappointed by this Queen’s speech and the Government has met my expectations.”