Council leader responds to news that Royal Marines ‘superbase’ plans have been shelved

Council leader Tudor Evans has responded to news that the creation of a new ‘superbase’ for the Royal Marines in Plymouth is now unlikely to happen.

Councillor Evans said: “We were told that we needn’t worry about campaigning for the creation of the Royal Marines superbase in Plymouth as it was already in the bag. This latest news makes it clear that we were misled and we are now not going to get the superbase we were promised.

“The future of Stonehouse barracks has now been kicked into the long grass and the concern is that the site will starved of investment for the best part of another decade. We need certainty and we need to be able to make plans. We cannot have the future of these strategically important sites and the future of the Royal Marines tossed in the wind as leading government politicians jockey for position.

“Some are trying to make light of this terrible news by saying the plans for the superbase were only an aspiration. For the past few years the Council has been working with senior Royal Navy officers on propositions for securing the superbase here and this has included making offers of parcels of land and property to enable this happen. If it is now being claimed that this was never required, I hope that the Government will reimburse the Council for the work we’ve undertaken. However, I prefer to believe that this was a real project but the political survival of the Government has taken precedence over the needs of the Royal Marines and the defence of the realm.”