Council becomes first to pledge support for the manufacturing sector

Rowena Hayward, GMB Senior Organiser, Ross Murdoch, GMB National Officer, Councillor Tudor Evans, Leader of the Council, Matt Roberts, GMB Regional Organiser

Plymouth City Council has become the first council in the UK to sign up to GMB’s ‘Making It’ campaign, committing to support the manufacturing sector.

Plymouth is home to the highest concentration of manufacturing jobs in the South of England, with around 13,000 people employed in the sector.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Tudor Evans, signed off on a pledge to support the campaign, which calls for investment in manufacturing and strong UK-based supply chains to support local communities.

Councillor Evans said: “Our administration pledged to support Plymouth’s businesses and boost manufacturing, so I’m excited to sign up to GMB’s Making It campaign today as part of this promise to the city. By joining the campaign, we’re making a commitment to both Plymouth people employed in the sector and the next generation of manufacturers.

“We’re proud of our manufacturing heritage and will focus on investing in the sector, with the aim of bringing more jobs and prosperity to the city. We’re also investing in skills programmes like Building Plymouth to develop a highly skilled adaptable workforce, ensuring local people benefit from these jobs.”

Matt Roberts, GMB organiser, said: “We’re pleased that Plymouth City Council have signed up to our campaign and recognise the importance of manufacturing, and manufacturing jobs, to the South West.

“Around 13,000 jobs in Plymouth are based in manufacturing, with over 7,000 of those in transport and shipping. These jobs pay substantially more than the average in other sectors so they are vital to a strong and diverse economy.

“As we move into an uncertain period over Brexit, it’s vital that we champion British manufacturing, and we’re extremely pleased that Plymouth City Council will take a leading role in this.”