Consultation to broaden the Barbican impact zone

Revellers, residents and businesses are being asked for their thoughts on possible changes to rules around licensing in and around the Barbican.

The police want to expand the area covered by the cumulative impact policy by either adding a small parcel taking in Vauxhall Street and the Bretonside road or a much bigger area which not only covers the Barbican, but extends across Sutton Harbour up to and including Sutton Road.

The policy affects the number of licensed businesses and puts the onus on a person or company applying for a licence to prove that their new business would not lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour.

A licence is needed for businesses that:
• Sell or supply alcohol
• Provide ‘regulated entertainment’, which includes music, dance, film , theatre, indoor sport
• Supply late night refreshment such as hot food and drink sold between 11pm and 5am.

Under the policy, new, or applications to vary existing licenses, are usually refused in areas covered by the policy unless applicants can prove there would be no increase in drink-related problems.

The applicant also has to show what they would do to prevent crime and disorder, to ensure public safety, prevent public nuisance and protect children from harm.

Each case is considered on its own merit. Restaurants, for instance, need a licence to serve drinks, but are unlikely to create problems in the neighbourhood.

Cabinet Member for the Environment, Councillor Brian Vincent said: “The police have asked us to consider this as their evidence shows drunken behaviour is becoming more frequent on the boundaries of the current ‘cumulative impact policy’ area.

“We need to strike a balance between allowing businesses to thrive and making sure people have a pleasant night out without worrying about drunken behaviour. It also aims to consider residents who live in these areas.”

The consultation starts Friday 10 October and will continue until 10 November.
For more information visit or telephone 01752 304141.

In some areas, problems are caused not by individual businesses but because a number of licensed premises are close together. This is known as the cumulative impact.

Where the number of licensed premises in an area is a problem, the Council can control the number of new venues through a cumulative impact policy.

Normally, when an applicant applies for a premises licence, bodies such as the Police, the Council, Fire Authority and local residents may raise concerns or representations

Where a cumulative impact policy is in place the applicant will also have to demonstrate that they will not add to the existing problems in the area. This does not mean, however, that no further licences can be granted.