Closure of city’s Barden factory

Council Leader Tudor Evans said: “I’m gutted to hear the news that one of our biggest employers is planning to leave the city after so many years. I appreciate how worrying this must be for the staff and their families. We have been in touch this morning with Managing Director, Jon Everett, and I will be meeting him on Thursday with our Service Director for the Economy, David Draffan, to look at what we can do to help. We have contacted government through our regional contacts at the Department for International Trade and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and are seeking support and intervention from them.

“The tragedy of this is that Barden is a profitable, global business but our workers are paying the price for uncertainty caused by Brexit. We have a large manufacturing base in Plymouth with many businesses exporting to the EU and access to the single market is a major concern for them. It’s critical that we retain these kinds of high skill jobs in the city. This government need to understand that talk of a no-deal Brexit is losing British jobs now. There is a real danger for Plymouth that more companies will follow in Barden’s footsteps which would be a disaster for the city.”