Clarification regarding student registration

We have received clarification from the Electoral Commission who highlighted a procedural error which we have now corrected.

We’d like to be clear to everyone that no-one who was ineligible to vote was able to cast a vote and no one who was eligible to vote was deprived of their franchise.

The Electoral and Registration service is a function that is independent of elected members. The law encourages us to approach university registrars for name, addresses and nationalities and date of birth of their students, although the onus is on individual students to confirm their registration.

A number of students who were eligible to vote had not confirmed this fact but appeared on the register. While this was a procedural mistake, they were still eligible to vote.

As required by the Electoral Commission, we encourage as many people to register as possible and in particular, target under-represented groups.

We have specific plans to target those groups  – including the homeless, service personnel, looked after young people, those living in shared houses and others – as part of our ongoing improvement plan to canvass more effectively.

This includes students who have chosen to learn here and to be part of our city. We want them to be invested in Plymouth and to be able to influence decisions that will affect them, be that locally and nationally.

We are now reviewing our processes in the light of this clarification.