Clarification on speed hump in Forest Avenue

You may have seen a story in today’s Herald about a new speed hump in Forest Avenue, Peverell.

This speed hump was not installed in error – it forms part of a new 20mph safety scheme for the area.

Other streets in the scheme include Langstone Road, Langstone Terrace, Pennycross Park Road, Fairfield Avenue and Beauchamp Road.

The scheme is part of our capital transport programme (signed off by full Council) and it is supported by all the local ward councillors, who were fully consulted, along with residents.

Speed humps are only installed in places that are highlighted as rat runs or high-speed areas and 70 per cent of residents who completed the consultation feedback form said they supported the scheme.

A letter was sent to residents, saying when works were due to be carried out and explaining that a road hump was being installed as part of the area-wide programme to improve road safety.

It did not say the road was being resurfaced and neither did the yellow advance warning signs that were put out.

We have an ongoing and extensive programme of road resurfacing, which is prioritised according to agreed criteria that ensure the roads in the worst condition are tackled first. This road shows some signs of wear, which is unsightly, but it is not amongst those roads in the worst condition.