City to back campaign for support ships to be built in UK

Plymouth is to join a campaign to call for the next generation of ‘solid fleet support ships’ to be built in the UK.

A campaign will be launched in the city on 13 July urging that vessels which supply and support the Royal Navy are built in this country rather than contracts being tendered to international competition.

A Motion on Notice  is to be put forward by Council Leader Tudor Evans supporting the campaign is to be considered at Full Council on Monday.

He said: “Quite simply, we think the UK Government should have the ships – which will be supporting and supplying our warships – built in the UK.

“This is a national campaign but the impact of the government’s proposed approach will be felt here, if this is allowed to happen.

“This is about retaining ship building skills here in the UK, about insuring highly skilled businesses, including companies such as Babcock which have specialist ship designers can have jobs and a continuing supply of work.

“We may not build warships here, but as Britain’s Ocean City and one which plays a key role in defending the realm as well as employs thousands of people in the marine and marine technology industries, we need the Government to change their approach.”

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