Doing more for children and young people in Plymouth

Plans are being made to improve services for children, young people and their families across Plymouth, and we want to hear what you think

We want to create a support offer that allows families access to the support they need, when they need it and without having to repeat their story to different people.

It’s all part of supporting our families to make sure the city’s children have the best possible start to life and can overcome any difficulties as they grow up.

The plans will consider how best to bring together the services already in Plymouth, including Children’s Centres and community based help to deliver a seamless support offer to families.

The proposals are currently in a very early stage and so the Council is seeking feedback from families and professionals on how they would like to see this service work for them.

It is about building on what we currently do well so that helping hands and friendly faces are both available together and when they are needed.

This offering is by no means a finished product and that is why the consultation is so important. We have to know that what we are proposing is going to work for families and gives them the help and support when they most need it.

The main aim of the proposals is to create a network of community-based Family Hubs, offering support to children and young people, their families and their carers.

Although centred around the city’s Children’s Centres, the plans seek to enhance their provision by widening the availability of support from 0 to 4 years olds to 0 to 19 years old, making it a ‘one-stop-shop’ for families with children of all ages.

The Family Hubs would be the next step in the development of Children’s Centres, , making the best use of our buildings and maximising community resources, making families feel welcomed and supported; places where families know they can go for help without feeling judged or stigmatised.

A consultation period is now underway and will run until 31 October 2018. Both families and professionals are invited to give their feedback.

There are separate surveys and consultation documents for professionals working with children and also for young people and their families.

Families can access a survey online here and can also attend events at their local Children’s Centres.

Dates for these sessions, which will coincide with existing Children’s Centre activities, will be made available in the link above over the next few weeks.

Professionals can access a different survey here.