Childcare provision improves in Plympton

Extra capacity for childcare is being created in Plympton thanks to the relocation of Plum Tree Children’s Centre.

Plum Tree, which currently operates from Plympton St Maurice School and Woodford Primary, is moving to the larger Rees Centre on Mudge Way.

The move allows Plympton St Maurice Childcare Centre and Willow Childcare Centre to occupy the premises left behind by Plum Tree and to accommodate 30 more pre-school and nursery spaces for local children.

Councillor Terri Beer, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “Plum Tree moving to the Rees Centre is a win-win situation for children and their parents in Plympton.

“Not only does it mean that there are more childcare places, but it means that Plum Tree can continue its great work in a much more suitable environment.”

Plum Tree’s relocation follows a detailed consultation period, during which the majority of respondent supported the move, citing improved accessibility at the Rees Centre and the better use of buildings at Plympton St Maurice School and Woodford Primary.

The move, and the subsequent addition in childcare spaces, coincides with a change in national legislation that allows working parents an increased 15 hours of free funding for children aged three and four, via the new 30 Hour Free Childcare initiative.

Plum Tree Children’s Centre is run by Barnardo’s and offers a range of free services, support and advice during pregnancy and for children under five, and their families. It also provides advice on health, family support services and a range of parent and toddler activities.

More information on Plymouth City Council’s offerings for children and families can be found here.