Channel Park Allotment brings local families together to plant community orchard

Local families at orchard planting day with our Natural Infrastructure team.

Families have come together with Plymouth City Council to plant a shared community orchard, building on the success of the Channel Park Allotments which opened a year ago.

The allotments were opened on a forgotten piece of scrubland and since they opened they have been maintained and enjoyed by 20 tenants.

On Sunday 19 March 2017 Plymouth City Council’s Natural Infrastructure Allotments Officer joined five young family groups of growers to help them plant a shared community orchard, with even the youngest volunteers helping to put wood chip around each tree.

During the orchard planting event, Tess Wilmot, and Ian Smith of Changing Spirals– who helped plan the orchard – gave advice and demonstrated how to plant a variety of fruit trees and bushes to the growers.

Growers were then given information to help them care for the trees to ensure they continue to grow with a pruning training day planned for a future date when the orchard has become more established.

Councillor Patrick Nicholson said: “It is wonderful to see the Channel Allotment which continue to develop and grow. This is an opportunity for families to work together and take real ownership of the orchard, watch it grow and develop over the years and know they were part of something special.”