Changes to the licensing policy on the Barbican

Plymouth City Council’s Cabinet is expected to approve plans to control the type of new licences issued on the Barbican.

The changes were agreed after the police submitted a report to the Council last year asking to expand the current cumulative impact policy (CIP) to not only cover the Barbican, but extend across Sutton Harbour up to and including Sutton Road.

Under the policy, new, or applications to vary existing licenses, which will impact on crime or the local community are more likely to be refused. Applications from family friendly and high quality businesses would still be welcomed.

The applicant has to show what they would do to prevent crime and disorder, to ensure public safety, prevent public nuisance and protect children from harm. Each case is considered on its own merit.

An extensive consultation with residents, businesses and the public took place last October and November and the responses received to the changes were generally supportive of the extension.

Cabinet Member for the Environment, Councillor Brian Vincent said: “We made this decision after evidence from the police and the general level of support received through the consultation.

“This increase certainly isn’t about us trying to spoil people’s fun, it’s about us making sure there is a balance between allowing businesses to thrive and making sure people have a pleasant night out without worrying about drunken behaviour or disturbing residents. Businesses who run a well-managed operation where they are unlikely to add to alcohol related issues are welcome.”