Changes to Council senior management reflect greater partnership working

A small number of changes are being proposed to the senior posts at Plymouth City Council to ensure the Council can drive forward change in the city and the wider area.

There will be no additional cost to Plymouth taxpayers as a result of the changes. A report on the changes will be considered at the meeting of the Council on 29 January.

Chief Executive Tracey Lee said: “We need to make sure that we have a management structure which reflects the changing world in which we operate. Our challenge is to deliver greater partnership working across councils and other public sector bodies whilst retaining absolute focus on creating prosperity for the city, delivering better services and placing customers at the heart of what we do. The changes will make sure we have the management capacity to do that but without any increase in cost.”

The proposed structure will create a new Director of Children’s Services post responsible for managing both Plymouth and Torbay’s Children’s Services. This new post will report to both Plymouth City Council and Torbay Council’s Chief Executives and politicians. It ensures that improving services for children in both councils continues to be given the highest priority.

The Council is also taking the opportunity to strengthen working with the NHS. Plymouth’s highly respected current Strategic Director of People, Carole Burgoyne, takes on a wider role working with both Plymouth City Council and the NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group which will report to both the City Council’s Chief Executive and Accountable officer of the CCG.

This post will focus on further integration of services across health, care and wellbeing both in the planning and commissioning of those services and in the delivery of them. This will ensure that residents’ get a more joined up approach in this important area.

There will also be a new role of Strategic Director for Customer and Corporate Services which replaces the previous role of Strategic Director of Transformation and Change currently being shared on an interim basis by the Assistant Director of Transformation and Change and Assistant Director of Finance.

This role will ensure that the organisation has the right support for its frontline services with an emphasis on streamlining, simplifying and sharing functions where possible. The Strategic Director will ensure the Council is continuously responsive to the expectations of residents and businesses as well as making sure there is focus on the customer experience.

Alongside this will be a minor title change so that the Council’s current Assistant Directors will be retitled Service Directors to better reflect that they have the full operational responsibility for their services. A number of vacant posts will be deleted.

There will be no additional costs to Plymouth taxpayers from the new arrangements which will mainly come into force immediately with the exception of the two new posts which will be recruited to over the next few months.