Central Park Play Space: an update

The Central Park Play Space is suffering from a lack of rain

We’ve got some good news! The Central Park Play Space will be open in time for October half term.

On Saturday 20 October, we’re going to host a big celebration at the park with food and games.

But 20 October is the very latest date that the park will open. If we can open it before then, of course we will.

Thanks so much for your patience while we get the Play Space ready. It’s not been ideal, we know that, but we have done our very best.

As we explained earlier in the summer, the dry weather has been bit of a pain, making it very difficult to grow grass. The place was like a dustbowl in July! We couldn’t have let families in while it was like that. It just wouldn’t have been safe.

Since then, we have had a little bit of rain, but not a lot, and the grass is still very patchy, particularly around some of the equipment.

There are places where the grass hasn’t taken at all, like on some of the natural mounds, so we’ve had to think again and do a little more work to get it right. We’ve also taken the opportunity to add some more benches and trees.

Thanks again for bearing with us on this one. Keep an eye out on social media for further updates.