Central Park consultation begins

Central Park users are being invited for their thoughts on the £2.5 million investment in Plymouth’s premier park.

Opinions are being sought both online and in person through a series of information sessions to ensure that the money is used in a way that benefits park patrons.

Councillor Patrick Nicholson, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategic Transport, Housing and Planning said: “Central Park was originally created to help improve the health of the people of Plymouth so it is only right to seek the opinions of those who use it most.

“We’re looking for as many people as possible to contribute their ideas so that the park remains as important to future generations as it is today.”

The plans for Central Park include an overall enhancement of the park environment with path and boundary improvements as well as an arboretum, and the restoration of hedgerows amongst many other things. To help deliver this phase, dedicated new Central Park rangers will specialise in a range of skills to start the much-needed renovation work to ‘tidy up’ the park.

Users who want to get an idea of where the proposed improvements might be can join one of two unique Walk n Talk events happening in the park. Led by council staff, the walk will visit sections of the park to discuss plans, followed by a free cup of tea and opportunity to comment on plans in more detail in the Bowling Pavilions.

The walks will take place on Tuesday 30 May from 3pm to 4.30pm and on Friday 2 June from 5.30pm to 7pm. Booking is essential. Please click here to register.

Meanwhile, council staff will be seeking feedback at a temporary gazebo by the park’s clock tower from 8am to 10am on Tuesday 23 May, from 2pm to 4pm on Thursday 1 June, from 11am to 3pm on Saturday 3 June and by the sun dial in the city centre from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 27 May.

Central Park users can also fill in an online form clicking here.