Camera car not banned

Camera cars have not been banned. There are, however, Government plans to stop them being used to enforce certain things (such as ‘no loading’ restrictions).

Our camera car spends the majority of its time checking for inconsiderate and dangerous parking at bus stops and schools and this important enforcement will not be affected by the planned changes.

The police, parents of school children and local bus companies are very supportive of the camera car and say it has made a big difference in improving safety for all road users, especially youngsters and the elderly, whilst improving bus punctuality and reducing congestion.

Every penny of net income made from parking enforcement in Plymouth is reinvested in road repairs for the city – but our aim is for people to park safely and responsibly and avoid getting a fine in the first place.

Plymouth’s camera car will continue to operate as it does now until the relevant changes in legislation are made (through the Deregulation Bill).