Cabinet member calls for urgent meeting with NHS over GP surgery closure plans

Plymouth City Council’s Cabinet member for Health and Social Care is calling for an urgent meeting with NHS England over plans to close GP surgeries in Plymouth.

Councillor Lynda Bowyer has asked to meet senior representatives of NHS England after GPs and residents raised concerns following a debate at the full council on Monday.

She said: “This is a complex issue and it is extremely important that the solutions formed are based on the needs of the population, take their views clearly into account and will deliver the outcomes we require for the people of Plymouth both in terms of health and wellbeing and patient experience. It is clear from the responses to the debate that there are more issues to be considered than NHS England have so far presented to us.

“I will be seeking assurances that all views and concerns are taken on board before final decisions are made.

“Given the importance of this issue I will also be inviting the Shadow Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care, as well as representation from the Western Locality of NEW Devon CCG.”

Councillor Bowyer said she was asking for the meeting to be held in advance of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny committee meeting on 6 October to publicly scrutinise NHS England’s proposals.