Busy first week for enforcement officers

How the new environmental enforcement officers will be dressed

Over 150 litter louts have already been caught by Plymouth’s new environmental enforcement officers.

The officers, who began work on Monday, were on the streets of the city from Tuesday afternoon, on the lookout for people dropping litter. Each offender was issued with a fixed penalty notice for £80.

The team issued 164 FPNs to people observed dropping litter, easily surpassing the 126 FPNs issued between April 2017 and March 2018.

Although litterers in the city centre have been the initial target, the team will expand to target dog fouling, fly-tipping and fly-posting in all areas of the city over the next few weeks.

Councillor Ian Bowyer, Leader of Plymouth City Council, said: “I’m delighted that the team have hit the ground running.

“The officers have told me that just their presence has already started to change behaviours with people opting to find the nearest bin rather than drop their rubbish on the floor.

“I would like to reiterate what I have said all along on this – if you are a responsible citizen of this city then please do not worry, this action is not aimed at you. But if you drop litter, don’t pick up after your dog, fly-post or fly-tip, then be prepared to pay.”

Plymouth City Council teamed up with Kingdom Services Group in March in a bid to discourage people from the behaviour that can blight our beautiful city.

Tasked with preventing littering, dog fouling, fly-posting and fly-tipping, the officers are able to issue fixed penalty notices to offenders.

A Kingdom Services Group spokesman said: “It is not unusual that a high number of FPNs are issued during the early stages of deployment.

“As a result of our education and enforcement activities, however, we are already starting to see positive signs of improved and responsible behaviour.”

With the extra officers now treading pavements all around the city, the Council is reminding residents of their responsibility to keep the city clean with a new online campaign that asks residents: can you afford not to pick up after yourself?

By introducing Kingdom Services, extra enforcement officers, guided by existing expert and experienced staff, will ensure that issues of littering, dog fouling and fly tipping can be proactively tackled around the city.

With more officers on the street, members of the public are being encouraged to get in touch if they see an offence being committed.

If residents are able to identify the perpetrator and provide a witness statement then they are encouraged to report it via our online self-service system.

Littering and fly-posting both carry an £80 penalty while dog fouling costs offenders £100. Meanwhile, fly-tipping is punishable by a massive £400 fine.

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