Building on the foundations of The Range’s success

The steels have gone up on site at the new headquarters for one of Plymouth’s best-known brands.

Work is progressing on the new office block for CDS (Superstores International Ltd), the firm behind The Range Stores.

The company, which started here, now has 158 stores across the UK and Ireland, and has invested up to £25 million in its new head office and store in Derriford.

Council leader Tudor Evans took a quick tour of the site to see how work is progressing. He said: “This company is made in Plymouth and it’s great to see them continue their commitment to the city and the hundreds of people it employs here.

“This Council has helped make this happen. We provided them with the land and helped lay the ground work and the road to it.

“When we talk about growth this is what we mean: companies investing in Plymouth, creating jobs, which puts money into people’s pockets and allows them to enjoy all that we have to offer here in Plymouth.”

Chief Operating Officer of the Range, Alex Simpkin said: “The steels have gone up for the headquarters which marks another exciting chapter in the history of The Range as does the strategic alliance that has just been announced with Iceland Foods. The new head office will not only see the direct transfer of hundreds of staff from our existing HQ, it will also increase the number of jobs. A total of 500 jobs are to be created across head office and superstore.”

The Council acquired the former MOD site in 2011 and sold the five-acre frontage site to the company on a ground lease in 2017.