Broadband bonanza for Plymouth businesses

Businesses in Plymouth could be in line for up to £3,000 to spend on improved broadband as part of an exciting scheme run by the Council.

Next month the Council will start to deliver a scheme to pay for businesses to get better connected. It means any small or medium-sized enterprise could apply for to get enhanced connectivity – including those who run their businesses from home.

The vouchers can be used to pay for the up-front costs of connecting to superfast broadband or to business grade line or to other more innovative solutions.

Council leader Tudor Evans said: “This is fantastic news for businesses which are looking for something that will help them take their ambitions to the next level.

“An upgraded package could double the speed of a business’ internet access, making online sales for instance, that much easier to deliver.”

The vouchers will be available for 12 months starting in April to pay the up-front costs needed to install the next level in connectivity.

Plymouth City Council will be coordinating the offer which stems from a DCMS initiative. Other than costs associated with creating an interest in the scheme, there is no cost to the city or the Council. 

Councillor Evans added: “Businesses are often not clear on what products they can get, how to get them, or for that matter how to make the most of them once they have them.

“We are one of the best connected cities in the country with 97 per cent of premises in areas covered by superfast broadband, but we are not sure how many businesses are making the most of this.

“It could just be that they are not convinced about the advantages using a faster connection will bring, or something they have not yet been able to research in any detail.

“We hope the voucher will change that, and provide an incentive for business.

The Council will be working closely with suppliers to ensure that as a wide a choice of option as possible is available through the vouchers.

More information on vouchers will be made available from 1 April via @digiplymouth and on the council Digital Plymouth web page.