Big fines for eight litter offenders

LitterEight litter louts have been ordered to pay a massive £876 each for dropping rubbish in Plymouth.

The group had their cases decided by Plymouth Magistrates Court on Tuesday and were all found guilty in their absence.

The offenders were given fixed penalty notices by the Council’s environmental enforcement officers, who witnessed them dropping litter on the city’s streets.

However, despite several reminders, the fixed penalty notices remained unpaid, resulting in a summons to court.

The fines of £660, £150 costs and a victim surcharge of £66 must now be paid within 28 days. All eight defendants will now carry a criminal record.

Councillor Sally Haydon, Cabinet member for Customer Focus and Community Safety, said: “I don’t know how many times I’ve got to say it: littering is unacceptable in Plymouth.

“These fines were particularly strong and I’m glad. At the time of the offences, the fixed penalty notice was for £80. They must now all pay ten times that amount.

“These cases send another clear message that we take littering very seriously and we will prosecute the minority of people who don’t show the place where they live the same respect as everyone else.”

In addition, another defendant arrived at court and plead guilty. They must pay £120 fine, £25 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

The Council refreshed its environmental enforcement operation in February by bringing the service back in-house.

Aimed at deterring littering, fly-tipping, fly-posting and dog fouling and control, the move allowed a more flexible approach to keeping our city clean with officers patrolling areas reported as hotspots by the public.

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