Big fine for Efford litterer

A woman has been ordered to pay over £1,500 for dumping bags of household waste on a grass verge.

Chloe Coombes, of Lorrimore Avenue in Keyham, was found guilty in her absence of littering under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 at Plymouth Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The court heard how in April 2019, a Council enforcement officer came across bags of rubbish were found on the grass near a public footpath in Pike Road in Efford.

Upon investigation, evidence was found addressed to Coombes at a nearby address, where she was living at the time.

She was then sent a fixed penalty notice for £100 which went unpaid. Several warnings followed but they were ignored and a summons to court followed.

The Magistrates ruled that Coombes must pay a fine of fined £1,100 for the offence, a victim surcharge of £110 and costs of £483.