Bad weather and emergency repair works delay A38 clean-up

The City Council are responsible for clearing the rubbish that builds up along an eight mile stretch of the A38 from Deep Lane to the Tamar Bridge, which also includes 18 slipways and six laybys.

The rubbish builds up for a variety of reasons including; being blown from the back of lorries, people throwing rubbish from cars and even people dumping bags of waste laybys.

Clearing up the rubbish that builds up is a big operation. The Council needs to liaise with Highways England to be allowed to work on the carriageway. Specialist contractors are needed to alert drivers that there are workers on the road, this includes a safety cushion which prevents other road users from colliding with the clean-up crew.

A five night clean-up was scheduled to take place from Monday 11 March by our partner South West Highways, this was delayed due to poor weather at the start of the week and emergency repair works to the central reservation. The clean-up works are now due to be completed early next month.

Councillor Sue Dann Cabinet Member for Streetscene and the Environment said: “Clearing up this mess is ultimately costing the tax payer money so I would urge people to think twice before they dump their rubbish by the side of the road. If you see anyone throwing litter from a vehicle, please report the date and time that you saw it and the registration number of the vehicle through the Council’s website so we can investigate.”

Drivers caught dropping litter can be fined up to £2,500 and find themselves in court. There is no limit for the level of fine that can be given to fly-tippers, including a prison sentence.