Ad trailer owners warned not to park up by roadside

The owners of advert trailers – and the companies who advertise on them – are being warned they could be prosecuted if they do not remove unattended trailers from the city’s roadsides.

Plymouth City Council has written to both trailer owners and companies who have placed adverts on them to remind both they need to apply for consent from the Council under the Town & Country Planning Outdoor Advertising regulations.

Seven letters have been issued in the last few weeks to companies clarifying the law and warning them that they should not leave unattended trailers on the side of the road.

Planning Consents and Compliance Team Manager Chris Watson said: “We have noticed a marked increase in the number of these trailers appearing by the side of the road. Displaying these signs without consent is illegal and they can also be dangerous if they significantly distract road users or occupy lay-bys that should be available for emergency use.”

The Council fully supports legitimate outdoor advertising, he said, but it is under a legal obligation to investigate illegal advertisements and ensure these are acceptable – both on the grounds of public safety and the impact they might have on the environment around them.

Chris added: “We are happy to advise prospective outdoor advertisers to make sure their adverts are legal and acceptable. Adverts on trailers that are constantly on the move are OK, for instance, but when they are left standing, unattended by the side of the road, for weeks on end, they become an issue for residents living nearby and for us.”