Action against untidy properties in Union Street

The owners of eight run-down historic buildings in Union Street have been targeted as part of an initiative to make them carry out immediate urgent repairs.

The operation has been launched this week with the aim tackling the worst maintained historic buildings in the landmark street.

This follows on from previous similar action in February 2015, when improvement works were carried out to several Union Street buildings. Some of the buildings previously improved have again sadly deteriorated to an unacceptable condition, mainly as a consequence of inadequate maintenance since then. The eight buildings being targeted are:

  • Club C103
  • The Phoenix Tavern
  • The Palace Theatre and Great Western Hotel
  • Former British Legion Club
  • Hot Diggety Dog/Choo Choos
  • Dragon Inn, 93 Union Street
  • D+C Furniture, 97 Union Street

Councillor Mark Lowry, Cabinet Member for Finance added: “We have some extremely exciting developments on the cards here in Plymouth and considerable interest from investors who are waking up to what Plymouth has to offer.

“Taking the bridge down has completely opened up Union Street but while the owners of some buildings have done a brilliant job – including the Clipper and the Lounge, others are letting the neighbourhood down.

“These buildings are doing the city no favours. The owners have failed to keep their buildings in a satisfactory condition, so we are taking action.”

The Council is ordering the owners to carry out external improvement works to improve the buildings’ appearance to an acceptable degree.