A city to be proud of

Local people are at the heart of the Council’s proposed Corporate Plan. The new plan places priority on delivering consistent, high quality frontline services while reducing inequality to deliver a fairer city that everyone can be proud of.

Councillors will be asked to adopt the new Corporate Plan 2018-2022 at the Council meeting on 25 June.

The innovative approach of showing the whole plan on a page which has been copied by many other organisations is retained as is the city’s vision to be one of Europe’s most vibrant waterfront cities where an outstanding quality of life is enjoyed by everyone.

Council Leader Tudor Evans said: “We are on a mission to make Plymouth a fairer city where everyone can make a positive contribution. That is all about having a city where services are good and people feel the benefits of a growing economy. We want Plymouth to be a vibrant, exciting, welcoming place to be for all our citizens, visitors and businesses. A place to be proud of.”

The Council’s priorities fall into two key themes – a growing city and a caring council.

Growing city is all about ensuring the city is clean and tidy, has an efficient transport network and a broad range of homes. It will be a place where economic growth benefits as many people as possible with quality jobs and where people have valuable skills. There is also a focus on ensuring there is a vibrant cultural offer and being a green sustainable city that cares about the environment.

The caring council focuses on ensuring the most vulnerable citizens are supported as well as enabling young people to achieve good school results, reducing health inequality and ensuring the city is safe and welcoming place.

“Our values are really important because they are at the core of what public service is all about,” added Cllr Evans. “We are a democratically led organisation which takes responsibility for our actions. We will be honest and open with people treating them with respect and championing fairness and opportunity. And we are determined to work co-operatively with our partners to do the best we can for our city and communities.”

Chief Executive Tracey Lee commented: “We are absolutely committed to listening to our customers and communities and providing quality public services. That means spending people’s money wisely and making sure we have a well-motivated, skilled workforce as well as working with our councillors and partners in the city to ensure that the voice of the city is heard at a regional and national level.”