Council supports more than 2000 people into employment

In the last two years more than 2,000 people have been helped back into work or an apprenticeship in Plymouth.

In June 2014 the City Council pledged to support 2,000 more people into work or an apprenticeship, and working through the award winning and successful 1000 Club this ambitious target has been reached.

Council Leader Tudor Evans said: “We have kept most, if not all of our 50 pledges that we made in 2014 but being able to sign this one off has made me the most happy. It was always going to be an ambitious target but through perseverance and hard work the city has excelled itself, demonstrating the real benefits of partnership and cooperative working. We are absolutely committed to making sure that we continue to invest in growth opportunities in this city which will in turn lead to jobs with real prospects for local people.”

The 1000 Club is a partnership led initiative that acts as a broker and helps businesses and organisations offering work experience, apprenticeships or full and part-time work in the city. It was established in 2012 as a way of ensuring that businesses are able to navigate the often complex landscape surrounding recruitment. Since its launch over 1,500 businesses have signed up to be members enabling them to access the support that is available.

Since 2012 the member businesses have supported more than 6,000 people into a job, apprenticeship, work experience, work placement or graduate internship.

The 1000 Club offers its services free of charge and any business in the city is able to sign up to become a member of it.

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