Correction on school catchment article

The Herald article regarding school places is completely misleading and inaccurate. The story states that under the catchment system to attend two Plymouth primary schools you have to live within a certain distance. This is simply wrong. Neither school operates a catchment system so there is no such thing as a catchment area in this instance.

Both Stuart Road and Morice Town primary schools work on the equal preference system.

In Plymouth the school admission process works by inviting parents to apply for three schools and to list them in their ranked order of preference. The Council  tries to give a place at the highest preference school. Where it is unable to allocate a place at one of the parent’s preferences, a place will then be allocated at the nearest suitable school to the home address with a vacancy, after all the preference applications have been considered.

Where a school is oversubscribed each school then has its own admission criteria. This includes the distance a child lives from the school, whether siblings are placed at the school and if the child has any special educational needs.

Last year, 88 per cent of pupils were allocated to the school they preferred most and only 3.7 per cent did not receive a place at one of their requested schools.