Daily Archives: 04/09/2014

Smashing! 20 per cent more glass collected

Glass recycling in Plymouth has increased by nearly 20 per cent, thanks to the glass recycling scheme that is now available to all Plymouth residents. From May everyone in Plymouth could put empty glass bottles and jars into their green recycling bins or bags for the Council’s crews to pick them up. Now statistics for […]

Too many Plymouth salons who allow children to use sun beds

Over 80 per cent of tanning salons allowed a 16-year-old to buy a sunbed session – despite the age limit being 18-years-old. Public protection officers visited six salons in Plymouth last week during a test purchase operation and staff in five of them did not challenge 16-year-old volunteer about their age. The volunteer did not […]

Plymouth tackles Payday lending

Plymouth City Council is giving a cautious welcome to plans for tougher regulations on payday lending which targets people who are in financial difficulty, but wants to see more done to tackle illegal lending. The Financial Conduct Authority plans to bring in the new controls on interest rates and default charges from January 2015. Better […]

Plymouth City Council seizes another house in poor condition from landlord

Plymouth City Council has seized control of a house in the city which was in poor condition, taking over from a landlord who failed to act on warnings. It is the second such property in six months the Council has had to take over from a local landlord. The Council issued an Interim Management Order […]